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Mindful Weston.

We have worked hard to embed the new school vision this half term. The acronym STAR is working well as a reminder to the children of what we are at school for. Many children have received the new certificates and the Always Club is still a sought-after reward.

Volunteers who spend time in school have remarked on the calm and purposeful atmosphere.

The circus skills workshops were excellent and really showed the children the value of perservering and building a new skill gradually: we will be using this experience to support the children in their learning across the curriculum.

Next half term in addition to the calming-down technique which we have taught everyone, we will be starting to introduce mindfulness techniques to the children. We are aware of the ever-quickening pace of modern life and the need for adults and children alike to still themselves and to be present in the moment rather than anticipating what could happen next or worrying about past events or actions. This approach will obviously help the children in their learning but, more importantly, will give them a skill for life. The teaching staff have had two training sessions this half term to prepare us for this work.

Our setting is beautiful, especially the outdoor space, and we want to help the children to enjoy and appreciate it more.

When we have worked with the children, we intend to run a session for parents and to encourage the children to share what they have been learning.

Spending time with children simply walking, talking or enjoying a book has enormous benefits for both their well-being and their learning. The Sticky Questions which we are using as homework and the book marks which we have created are both designed to facilitate these activities.

Our children are fantastic and we will continue to strive to enable them to get the most out of life while they are at Weston and beyond.


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