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At school we take bullying very seriously.


We all understand bullying to be:






‚ÄčIf anyone is ever worried then they should tell an adult as soon as possible. 





Mrs. Burns is the anti-bullying leader. She will soon have a colleague sharing this responsibility and we will post further details soon.

As a school, we are doing a huge amount of work on behaviour and adopting a positive mindset. This work supports our anti-bullying work by creating an environment where bullying is unacceptable and increasingly unlikely.


This work is integral to our identity as a Church of England School:

 The Church of England document “Valuing all God’s Children”, 2019, states:

Schools should ensure that they have clear anti-bullying policies on preventing and tackling homophobic, biphobic and transphobic behaviour and language and that these policies are known and understood by all members of the school community. School leaders should present a clear message that HBT bullying will not be tolerated and that there can be no justification for this negative behaviour based on the Christian faith or the Bible. Schools should ensure that pupils understand how to report incidents. Pupils should be confident that if they report bullying it will be taken seriously."


It also asserts:


Central to Christian theology is the truth that every single one of us is made in the image of God. Every one of us is loved unconditionally by God. We must avoid, at all costs, diminishing the dignity of any individual to a stereotype or a problem. Church of England schools offer a community where everyone is a person known and loved by God, supported to know their intrinsic value” (page 1)


Opportunities to discuss issues to do with self-esteem, identity and bullying, including HBT (homophobic, biphobic and transphobic) bullying, should be included in physical, social, health and economic education or citizenship programmes. The curriculum should offer opportunities for pupils to learn to value themselves and their bodies. Relationships and sex education should take LGBT people into account.” (Page 6)


Anti bullying update. September 2020

Anti-bullying update. August 2019.

Anti-bullying update: March 2018


We are always working to make our school a happier, safer place for all members of the school community.


This half term the following actions have been undertaken and are being reviewed by our staff and governors:

  • The Stonewall logo is now on our headed paper and website because, after recent training attended by Mrs Burns, we are a Stonewall Champions School. This means that we have are working with them to make our school a more caring and inclusive place.
  • An updated Anti-Bullying Policy is currently being ratified by staff and governors and will be on the website soon.
  • We already have children helping one another at lunchtimes through long established mini-leader and playground buddy schemes, but we are going to train peer mediators and have a formal peer to peer system for resolving low level conflict.
  • A ‘school script’ is being adopted to ensure that, if derogatory language is used, it will be dealt with consistently by whichever member of staff deals with it.
  • Positive language and kindness will be promoted through this half term’s value for collective worship and through a challenge issued by Mrs Burns during her collective worship. Hopefully you will notice that your child is making a real effort to use kind and positive language at home and in school.




We have close links with the NSPPC and Childline who visit school regularly to share their advice. 


You can see what work they have undertaken in our news articles: 

Stonewall School Champion: March 2018

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