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Collective Worship

At our school, Collective Worship is a time when we come together as a community to share and build on our school’s Christian values. In Collective Worship, we have plenty of opportunities for spiritual development and developing a sense of awe and wonder. We have an opportunity to worship God, think about our own beliefs and understand those of others. We also welcome parents and members of our local community to our collective worship which can be held in the school hall, outdoors or at our local church St. Mary's.


​Throughout the year we welcome many visitors to lead our Collective Worship, including our local vicar Reverend Luke, representatives from the YMCA and people of other faith. 


We are delighted to have Mr Stephens playing the guitar during our Collective Worship and are gradually teaching the children a wider variety of hymns and songs including some traditional ones. We are also making sure that all the children know our school song.


You can find out more in our Collective Worship Policy.

Our Collective Worship always begins with our call to worship. We rejoice the following collectively:


We have come as a school to ​

  • encourage others throughout their journey at Weston ​

  • Help people achieve their goals​

  • Worship God and uphold his values​

  • Find everlasting friendships with people we love.​


We then collectively end our worship with a blessing:

  • May your friends be kind and trusting​

  • May your family be wise and honest​

  • May you find a place where you're happy​

  • Where you can rest and feel safe​

  • And when you have achieved respect,​ never forget to care for God's amazing creations.


Our main priorities are:

  • To encourage the youngest children to listen calmly
  • To increase the children's participation in the worship
  • To encourage deep thinking.



Our Collective worship follows a structured plan of:



Our Collective Worship follows the plan of addressing 3 of our Christian Values each half term.

In Autumn 1 we focus on:

Justice, forgiveness and compassion


In Autumn 2 we focus on:

Humility, trust and friendship


In Spring 1 we focus on:

Responsibility, Respect, Peace


In Spring 2 we focus on:

Creativity, courage and peace


In Summer 1 we focus on:

Perseverance, service and wisdom


In Summer 2 we focus on:

Truthfulness, thankfulness and generosity

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