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This half-term, we are learning about why the word 'God' is so important to Christians. We learnt that Christians believe that God is the Creator of the universe and all that is in it. Then, we read the Creation Story. We made some jellyfish out of paper plates and ribbon and talked about how God was able to bring these creatures to life. 




We also learnt about how Christians believe humans are caretakes of God's wonderful world and it is our responsibility to help preserve it. We read a story of how God created the animals and first humans. We then wrote our own blessing for the animals. 


Blessing for the animals

By the Wrens

May you be kind to the animals,

May you keep them safe,

May you always look after them,

May you find them another home away from danger,

May you always give them food,

May you keep their homes free from rubbish,

May you treat them with respect,

May you always show them love.



As Christmas approaches, we learnt about the birth of Jesus and how he is the son of God. We acted out the Christmas story and then drew our own nativity scenes. Some children then decided to build the nativity scene in our small world area!

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