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Reading Revolution

At Weston-on-Trent Primary school, we're passionate about reading. In order to become competent, independent learners, children need to be confident readers. During their time at our school, children will read and grow to love a variety of books. We hope to impart to them our passion for reading for pleasure.


With that in mind, we've introduced our new 'Reading Revolution', based on renowned author Michael Rosen's 20 point plan.

You can read the original plan here: 


You can get involved in our 'Reading Revolution' in any of the following ways:

  • You can read with your child, ideally three times a week or more.
  • Once you do, you can fill in your child's Reading Record to show their progress and any feedback you'd like to share with the class teacher
  • You can encourage your child to change their reading book at either of our libraries.
  • You can use our recommended reads list to find the right book for your child. These lists have been compiled from our favourite books and books we view as age appropriate. Feel free to use books from other year groups if you and your child would like a challenge (see below attachments)
  • You can come to any of our Book Fairs with your child and pick up books of interest
  • As we are, you can subscribe to 'Books For Keeps', a magazine that reviews the newest books and offers tips, articles and recommendations for reading with your child:
  • You can use 'Teach your monster to read' to practise essential reading skills and the phonics they'll be learning at school:
  • You can visit the 'Bring And Swap Shop', located in the reception area. This is a chance for your child to exchange a book they've read for a new one, and in turn provide their peers with a new reading experience
  • You can take a picture of your child reading for their 'Get Caught Reading' display


Our mission is get our children reading, not just for work or research, but for enjoyment!

Thank you for your support in this new adventure. Keep your eyes peeled for more on our exciting journey to becoming a 'Reading School'!

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