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Medical injuries/sickness/medicines


It is the school’s policy that parents are notified by letter and text message as a matter of routine if children are involved in any accident which involved the head, eyes, bones or broken/bruised skin.  


As a general rule the school does not permit medicines on the school premise.  However exceptions can be made based on the following:

  • If your child is suffering from chronic illness or allergy, or
  • If your child is recovering from a short-term illness and are undergoing or completing a course of treatment using prescribed medicines.
  • Parents/guardians and doctors should decide how best to meet each child’s requirements. Careful prescribing can sometimes reduce the need for medicine to be taken during school hours. 


To help avoid unnecessary taking of medicines at school parents/guardians should:-

  • Be aware that three times dosage daily can be spaced evenly and does not have to be taken at lunchtime
  • Ask the family doctor to adjust the medication to avoid school time doses.


Where occasionally this cannot be arranged, parents/guardians should complete the “Parental consent form for schools to administer medicine” which can be requested from the school office or found here, on the school website. Any medication must be handed into the school office in the original container including directions of use/dosage.


If a child needs to use an inhaler or requires similar medication, parents are asked to make sure that the class teacher is given instructions. All such medication should be clearly marked.  A record is kept in school of children with inhalers and this is kept in the Medical Room.


On entry to school, parents are requested to submit all details of their child’s medical conditions. This will be updated annually.


If a child is ill at school the parents will be contacted.  If we are unable to get in touch the child will be cared for in school and, if it is thought necessary, medical help will be sought.  Please therefore ensure your contact details are always kept up to date.


We also have regular visits from the School Nurse.  If you need to contact them regarding any concerns you may have regarding your child’s health please contact the school office for details.

Parental consent form for schools to administer medicine

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