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Day 28

Sunday 31st May 


Finding my anchor 

Hopefully by now your child has had a good introduction into mindfulness and has grasped a basic understanding of the importance of taking some time out to relax, focus on their breath and de-stress. 


An anchor is a tool used by many people who practice mindfulness to help bring them back to the ‘here and now’. It’s very easy for our thoughts to get carried away and snowball. I think we are all guilty of catastrophising at times and we can let ourselves get stressed or anxious in certain situations. An anchor works as a reminder and a cue to stop, to take a few minutes to meditate/ breath, to relax and refocus. This time allows us to calm down and hopefully tackle whatever situation has occurred in the most effective way. 


It’s important to note that an anchor does not need to be a physical object However, for the purpose of this activity and because children respond better to things they can see, we are going to make it a physical item. We would love for you and your child to find or make your own anchors. It can be anything, from a stone or marble in your pocket to a bracelet around your wrist. It’s important that the anchor can be worn or fit in a pocket, as when your child starts to feel anxious or worked up over something, they can pop their hand in their pocket to feel the anchor and remember that they need to take a couple of minutes out to focus on their breath. 


Sleep meditation 

Often bedtimes can be a stressful time with young children. As a parent you are often shattered but your child can find every excuse under the sun not to go to sleep! Meditations at bedtime can really help your child to unwind and better prepare for a good night's sleep. Try this meditation below and let us know what you think.

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