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Day 20

Saturday 23rd May


Gratitude letter/ picture

Continuing with the theme of gratitude from earlier in the week, we would like your child to think of someone they would like to say thank you to. It could be a family member, a friend or someone else they know. You may need to give them some examples, but encourage them to think of their own eventually. Some examples we have thought of include:

  • Thank you to a teacher for everything they have done
  • Thank you to a grandparent for a lovely trip out 
  • Thank you to a family member for helping with school work
  • Thank you to a friend for always making them smile

This encourages children to be thankful for the things that are important in life. Not just a thank you letter for the presents they received at their birthday party or to Santa for the Christmas gifts!


Tebetan bowl meditation

This is a really simple meditation which is centred around your child listening to the sound of a tebetan bowl. This short meditation is all about focus and concentration. The audio link below doesn’t have any narrative so you may want to encourage your child to sit or lay down and get comfy before starting it. Explain that they are going to hear the noise of a bowl being struck. Ask them to try and listen to the noise get quieter and quieter before the next strike. The striking of the bell brings the child’s attention back to the present moment. Although the meditation is only 3 minutes long, this is a long time for young children to lay still so you could start by just playing just 1 minute of it and building the time up each day.


We would love to hear how you get on! 

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